Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July in a nutshell

Yikes! So much for blogging more during the summer months! We got back from our Amelia Vakay and hit the ground... walking. It was nice! We were busy-ish but not crazy busy. In July, we celebrated the fourth at home, very low key.

We attended the July Hydro Angels support group meeting.

Figured out why the car was leaking....

We traveled to my hometown for part 2 of my dental work.

Taking by my mom, at my parent's place

I saw my OB again which was awesome!! (and yes I realize I just !! a gyno appt but seeing the doc more than made up for the unpleasant part) She was super excited to see Addie and it was great to talk to her about the whole experience from diagnosis to delivery with a year's worth of hindsight and clarity.

Waiting in the waiting room with me for my appt

Grayson went with his dad and step mom on a 12 day trip to Disneyland in California. Lucky duck!

While Bubba was gone, Jack and I went on a movie date... except Jack insisted I call it a movie hang out cus in his words "we're not married!". Apparently only married people are allowed to go on dates.

We drove to San Antonio to meet another hydro family  (find their blog here) before they moved to DC ! It was so great to meet you Ashe Family!!

and to  tell my brother and his family bye before they moved to New Mexico.

Addie saw Dr. Rainey who wanted us to do drops again and start eye patching... yeah right. Addie can't stand the patch and half the time, won't leave it on!!

My niece Raychel and her mom came in to do some back to school shopping. Raych is now a freshman in high school and Jacob's a senior! Crazy!!

We finished up July by sitting glued to the TV watching the Summer Olympics. I've always been a fan of the Olympics and it was nice to share that with Grayson now that he's old enough to appreciate it. He really enjoyed watching the swimming competition!

Of course all of this was mixed in with our normal therapy appointments! I managed to watch several seasons of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and Adam and I started watching Mad Men. Love summertime!

And of course... Miss Addison took her first steps on July 19th as I already posted here !

Pretty big July for us!! And what a wonderful difference from our last July when we found out Addie had been exposed to TB in the NICU and was overdraining and had to have a revision. Was that really ONE year ago??! Seems like just yesterday yet forever and a day ago.

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