Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Amelia Vakay Day 6

Our last day in Amelia started out the way most of our days did... sleeping in! We briefly discussed heading to St. Augustine for a day's visit or even down to Orlando to go to Downtown Disney (ha! I'm a Disney World lover so of course I threw it out there....) but we ended up spending the day driving around Amelia and hitting Centre street once again.

Addie finally got to wear her beautiful blue beach dress that MiMi had gotten her for her birthday.

Ice cream on Centre Street

The boys with blue mouths!

Somebody likes ice cream! It was her first time licking a cone. She did really well with it!

My loves!!

After we returned from our sightseeing downtown, it was time to check out MiMi's pool!!

Addie loved the water!!! She did great in her floatie (that she inherited from her brother Jack). We spent several hours in the pool.

Once we got back to MiMi's, Addie took a long nap. We watched some movies and starting the packing up process.

 Addie enjoyed her pasta all by herself, after she finally woke up around 9pm! Swimming wore her out!

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