Saturday, August 11, 2012

Houston Trip

As we were driving home from Florida, Adam got an email from his boss asking if he could work at another restaurant in Houston for a few days so another general manager could take vacation. Adam emailed back that he'd be glad to as long as he could bring his family with him. So that's how we ended up taking one last little summer getaway to Houston the first weekend in August.

The kids all loaded up and ready to go.

A quick 2.5 hrs which seemed even quicker after our long drive to Florida so fresh in our minds... we arrived! The kids were excited to be in the hotel.

The first night we were there Adam was off so we wanted to do something different. Adam and I have both been avid Food Network watches for a long time. When we were dating we'd both watch Food Network while talking on the phone. lol And we love Diners, Drive Ins and Dives!! I checked to see if any locations were around our hotel and Bob's Taco Station was 20 mins from our hotel. Score!!

Grayson showing me where we were.

A fuzzy but yummy tamale plate! If you look close at the refried beans you can see where Addie helped herself as the server was placing the plate on the table. Thankfully they weren't too hot!!

Guy Fieri's head was on the wall.

Part of what put Bob's on the map was their Snoballs. They started out as a snow cone place and added the Tex Mex & Taco business as an expansion. So we had to try a snoball!

The boys were excited as we waited for our choices. Gray had tiger blood, Jack had cherry, Adam ordered a dreamsicle and I had the strawberry cheesecake.

We all agreed, BEST Snoball (or sno cone) EVER! The texture of the ice was awesome!

Back at the hotel the boys watched Michael Phelps' last Olympic race.

Breakfast at the hotel the next morning -- pretty bad even for hotel breakfast.

Going swimming in the hotel pool. Addie's 12 month suit was a bit small!!

Addie didn't want to go to sleep... any of the naps/nights we were there. She didn't want to miss anything! I finally got her to sleep after rocking her in bed and singing to her.

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel the next morning.

Thank goodness for iPads and free hotel wi-fi. The boys spent most of their time watching Netflix. Adam had to work two closing shifts so we spent a lot of the time hanging around the hotel.

The boys wanted to swim again the next day. Addie and I sat this one out. It was a heated indoor pool in the middle of summer in Texas. It was like a sauna in there. Once was enough for this momma!

By our third night, I was pretty much doing whatever I could to entertain Addie. Including letting her pull out every single wet wipe. I picked them up and put them in a ziploc to salvage them when she lost interest.

The next morning Adam was off again and we packed up and left by 10am. Stopped for breakfast at McD's and were home by 1pm. It was a nice little last summer hoorah. I came home and ordered school clothes for Gray and Jack online. Summer was officially coming to an end!


  1. i want a snocone now :(

    PS word verification sucks.

  2. They were SnoBALLS! ;) and yes there is a difference. A much finer grind of ice!

    Word verification does suck. I'll see what I can do.