Thursday, August 30, 2012

August and Back to School

After we returned from our mini vacation to Houston, we tried our best to get back into some semblance of a routine. The kids were going to bed at the same time every night to slowly get them rotated back to a school schedule. Grayson was doing math and reading every day, and I was working with Jackson on writing his name in preparation for pre-k!

Addie saw a neurologist for the first time ever on August 10th. The appointment was suggested by the NICU on her discharge papers but Dr. George had always said we didn't need a neurologist unless she started having seizures (which Thank God so far she hasn't!). But in March when we were realizing she did have a definite CP diagnosis, I had called to get in with a neurologist and it was  5 month wait to get in as a new patient! Holy Cow! So we kept the appointment if for no other reason than to get our foot in the door. I feel like a kid that has abnormal brain anatomy and CP needs a neurologist on their medical team!

I'm happy to report that Dr. K was extremely impressed with Miss Addison's development. He did say that she has some white brain matter damage (which we's what the fluid and pressure "washed away" but the good news is she doesn't have any grey matter damage. The way it's been explained to me is that the grey matter stores the information and the white matter transfers the information around her brain. In a baby, the brain has time to learn to get information around her brain by going another route. So we feel like this explains a lot about why Miss Addison is doing well. He also said she has partial agenesis of the corpus collosum not complete which was good news. Dr. K said since her hydro was a secondary complication to her arachnoid cyst that it also explains why she's developing so well for a child that has technically severe hydrocephalus.

The best news: He doesn't want to see us back !! We can always go to him if we need him, he said whether it be 4 days or 4 years but he didn't require a follow up! It was a GREAT appointment!!!

She crawled up in her little chair and sat down looking at my notebook.

Miss Addison has a thing for paper... she is her mother's daughter after all and I have a thing for notebooks and pens and anything do to with scrapping or planning! And apparently Addie follows in those footsteps. She always wants my notebooks or my planner. 

And here she's playing with my old planner that I keep in that basket specifically hoping she'll leave my current planner alone!

Addie and Jack in the tub together!

Waiting for her ENT follow up. Ears look good and she passed her first full hearing test! PTL!

Chuy, our chihuahua waits patiently hoping Addie will drop some food or feed him a bite.

Back to school shoe shopping for Mr. Jack!

And a back to school hair cut!

Jack requested Torchy's tacos after his haircut and then ordered a breakfast taco at 5pm! lol

Miss Addison on her 15 month birthday and a pile of laundry (the normal around here) in the background.
Aunt Missy bought Addison the cuuuuuuuuutest pair of sparkly TOMS Mary Janes!

Waiting for Dr. R, her ophthalmologist. The doc feels like her eye is improving and that she's not crossing as often so we have increased patching (which is nearly impossible because Addison rips it off) and are going back in October after we get back from Duke.

FIRST day of FOURTH Grade!!!!! My baby is getting so big!! He is loving fourth grade and his teacher and is kicking butt on his school work. He started meds last April  to help him focus and they are making such a difference. Kicking myself for not getting him on them sooner.

Jackson had pre-k orientation at his school! He was really trying to be a brave boy while I had to go to the parent orientation meeting in a different building.

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