Sunday, September 16, 2012

Addie's New PT Clinic

After Addison started walking, I talked to her ECI PT and asked her what was next as far as physical therapy goes. She said we would work on stairs, and different surfaces, plus ramps and inclines etc. All things we don't have in our house. Well, I called and talked to our insurance provider and found out that we don't have a limit on the number of PT sessions we get a year and since we have more than met our deductible and max out of pocket for the year, we can switch over to private therapy and not paying anything out of pocket for the rest of the year.

And now that Jackson is starting pre-k I felt like it was more doable to have Addison going somewhere for therapy instead of home based appointments. Siblings aren't allowed back into the therapy rooms at the clinic and I couldn't have left Jack in the waiting room by himself. So the timing of him starting pre-k just worked!

It was a bit sad to tell Miss Anna bye! I was so thankful that we stayed with ECI long enough for Anna to see Addie take her first steps and to start walking around the house. I think that is huge and we will forever be grateful to Miss Anna for all her help and hard work over the last year! Thankfully she understood why we felt clinic PT would be beneficial at this time!

We went for an eval on August 28 and met an amazing PT that we both loved! She noticed so many things about Addison that I hadn't and had never been told by therapists or doctors before. Addie doesn't weight bear on her left arm unless in a four point crawl. She will not rotate her trunk, especially not to the left. When she gets up from the floor to sitting or crawling she always goes to the right. So we have a lot of things to work on as well as continuing to work on her walking and gait. She does have a limp and hyper extends her left leg, though I'm happy to say after a month of walking she no longer locks her knee.

Sidenote: She just grew into a pair of Weesqueak shoes that were handed down by my cousin's little girl and she loves them. She squeaks all around the house and will stand in place stomping her feet to make them squeak. It is the CUTEST thing I've seen in a long time. So I have a feeling she'll be getting some more Weesqueak shoes to supplement her TOMS shoe supply.

Addie went to her first clinic PT appointment on the 6th of September and I let her go back by herself. She tends to come to me to be rescued, mainly during PT because it's more 'work' than her other therapies. I felt like she would do better without me back with her. Well, halfway through her appointment they came to get me becase she was bawling - total meltdown. I think it was a combination of how tired she was ... her nap schedule was all messed up with Gray starting to school one week and then Jack starting the next week. It was a big adjustment to all our schedules. I also think she noticed I wasn't there. So part of me felt bad for the therapist and part of me celebrated that she has stranger awareness and attachment to me!

We went back on the 13th and she did much better. Thanks to my mom, Addie has a new sound machine in her room. She has been sleeping with a sleep sheep and it only has a 45 min timer. So now she has white noise throughout the night and into the morning which is especially important with the boys up getting ready for school walking right by her door. She slept much later this Thursday than the last week and I think that alone helped the most. But I also went back with her and we let her warm up slowly and go from there. She did awesome! She swung in the tire like swing, working on her balance and core strength, and then did some trunk rotation work on a ball, then went up stairs and worked on the trampoline. With the exception of the ball, all things we would have had a hard time doing at home! So we are very excited to see what comes from her PT change!!

Addie working out in the tire swing! She loved it!

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