Saturday, September 22, 2012


The rest of September was pretty much business as usual. Getting adjusted to our new schedule with two kids in school, plus Addison in clinic based physical therapy. We were mostly happy to be back in a routine again. A few minor adjustments with our sleep habits were a bit tricky... in other words, I miss sleep! ;)

September did bring a sad goodbye for Addison. Our developmental therapist, Kaitlyn who has been with us since Addie's initial eval at 6 wks old left Easter Seals.. We are super excited for her as she embarks on a new journey in her life but we will miss her!! Kaitlyn and I discussed it and decided not to replace the position of development therapist at this time, so we are down two less therapy sessions a month. YAY for that!

Addison tried on her dress she's supposed to wear to meet Mickey Mouse! Aunt Missy made it and she looks super cute cute in it if we say so ourselves!! We are getting ready to leave for Disney on September the 25th. Addie's first trip and the first time I've been back since the hydro diagnosis. We are all looking forward to some much needed celebratory magic! 

Meanwhile, Miss Addison is into EVERYTHING. We are having to watch her like a hawk... we don't have any child proof locks on this cabinet cus we don't keep any chemicals under the sink. And she entertains herself for hours pulling plastic containers and kitchen towels out. Fun for a 15 mth old! 

A beautiful sunset I was blessed to witness one morning as I was getting the boys ready for school.

Grayson asked if he could read to his brother one night... too sweet. Had to snap this picture! 

Addie in her new pjs for the upcoming fall (thanks Aunt Missy!) and trying on Jack's mouse ears!!! 

Addie chased Jack down for some of his sucker and pretty much wrestled him to the ground for it. She's discovered the power of her head butt... let  me tell you, that big ol noggin of hers is heavy and it hurts when she hits you with it. We call it the 'hydro hammer'. I see a future for Addie in the WWF. ;)

Addie got some PawPaw time in recently when mom and dad had to come in for a doctor's appt. We snuck over to Aunt Missy's house for dinner and to watch Monday Night Football with them. She snuggled right up to PawPaw. 

Waiting for her PT appointment in the car, I snapped this pic of Addie talking on her 'phone'. She turned 16 months old that day. 

The doggies are going to stay with a friend while we are going to Disney next week, so I gave Hannah a wash and a cut. She wasn't too happy about it. 

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