Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Disney Trip - Arrival Day

We were so excited to be taking Addison to Disney for the first time! We were all packed and ready to go on the morning of September 25th. The boys both went to school and we stayed home with Addison, waiting on Mom and Melissa's arrival and finishing up all the last minute packing. Disney World here we come!

A few pictures from our first day of vacation!

When she first woke up, Addie was delighted to find suitcases full of clothes she could unpack.

Waiting for the plane to arrive.

Landed in Orlando, riding on the mini monorail at MCO.

Addie was quick to explore our home for a week.


  1. Hey could you send me the name of the fb hydro groups? I looked but didn't see anything that looked really active. This is bigbelly03. Thanks!

    1. Hey! I sent you a friend request on Facebook by following you via your blog. I can add you to the groups that way. Most of the ones I'm a member of are "secret" groups. :)