Sunday, October 14, 2012

Disney Trip - 'Ohana means Family

We had a reservation on Friday night for 'Ohana, a very popular restaurant at the Polynesian Resort on Disney property. I had booked it 6 months in advance as they fill up quickly, especially over weekends. We obviously didn't make our Friday reservation as we were at the hospital with Addie. I called Disney dining reservations and explained what had happened. They got us back in Sunday evening at 5pm. Early but we were in! YAY Disney customer service. We were still getting phone calls daily from the housekeeping manager to check on how Addie was doing. It was very sweet and definitely above and beyond the call of duty. 

Sunday morning came and  we slept in  as late as Addie did. She was still recovering from her seizure and I'm guessing from the meds they gave her to stop the seizure so she was sleeping more than her normal, which in my opinion, was a good thing. We decided not to go into a park that day to let Addie take it as easy as possible. So Adam graciously agreed to stay at the room with the kids while Mom, Melissa and I went shopping. This allowed Addie to nap on and off as she needed and the boys some down time on the iPads and Adam was able to watch Sunday football. The boys were more than happy to hang out in our cool Nemo themed room and play on MeMaw's or Aunt Missy's iPad (in addition to the one we brought). And I was in need of some retail therapy! 

Mom, Melissa and I headed via bus to Downtown Disney and spent about 3 hours shopping. It was wonderful !! Of course, Adam and I were texting back and forth continuously so I could ease my mind about how Addison was doing. Thankfully, she slept the whole 3 hrs we were gone.  

Cute little dressing room in one of the shops at Downtown Disney.

After we got back from Downtown Disney, we got dressed for dinner. We had to leave fairly early as we had to take a bus to Magic Kingdom and then catch the monorail over to Polynesian Resort. 

Addie saying hi as we waited for the bus. 
Mom and the boys looking down at the waterfall in the lobby of the Poly.

Melissa and Jack at dinner

Mom and my two boys

Mom trying Melissa's lapu lapu. She wasn't a fan.

The boys doing the coconut races at 'Ohana

Addie playing with one of the (cooled off) hot towels they bring out to de-sticky your fingers


Clapping about something

My family of five! 

The best pic of the 3 of my kids 

Addie wanted down!

My boys!

Mom and Addie

One last pic of the beautiful Polynesian... my favorite Disney resort

After dinner we headed back to our hotel, via bus to Disney Hollywood Studios. Thankfully the same bus that came from Poly switched to an Art of Animation resort and we just stayed on the same bus! Mom took the boys to play in the arcade, I gave Addie a bath and we turned in fairly early, watching Sunday night football while Addie slept between us. It was a much needed evening ! I'm so glad we were able to get back into 'Ohana! We all needed a little 'family'.

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