Friday, August 17, 2012

Look who's walking!!!

Addie all the sudden took off this past weekend. Since her first steps, she's taken a few more steps, always 2 steps, always during PT and then she was done with it. But on Thursday August 9th, she took several steps, more than once for her developmental therapist. I think I counted 7 different times, 2-3 steps each. She did it again on Friday for her OT. On Saturday, we were able to get two steps on film, so it was becoming more of a sure thing that we could get her to walk a few steps. Then on Sunday, the 12th, she walked from the loveseat to the opposite end of the rug. I counted 12 steps. I cried. Sat on the couch with tears streaming down my face. I have always gotten excited at my kids' firsts. But this was something more. Something beyond a milestone. It was amazing! A walking miracle in our house!

Addison has since decided that walking is kinda cool. I'll catch her walking behind the couch when no one is watching so she's no longer doing it for us to clap for her. She's figured out that she likes to move that way. Very similar to how she started crawling on all fours v. commando crawling. I still am trying to get it on video... but I did get a picture of her walking down the hall, like it ain't no thang!!

Her PT arrived on Thursday after this was taken and she nearly cried. We are watching her left leg for weakness. She is locking her left knee some to compensate for the weakness. We may be looking at a brace in the future but for now we are letting her go and watching in awe and wonder! Thank you LORD!


  1. How's the walking going now, a month later?

    PS i think you need to post more often :P

  2. I know! I wrote several posts last week but I had to back date them to keep things in order! I'm working on another right. this. minute.! The walking is going great! She has a pair of Weesqueak shoes and she loves walking and hearing the squeaks! It's adorable!!