Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19th!!!!

I had already planned on writing a little Happy Birthday Liza post today... because today is the one year anniversary of Addie's last shunt revision. She has had the same catheters since day one of life but she has had her valve one year today!! We are so blessed that she has gone one year without a shunt surgery!!! So as her shunt-aversary was approaching I was counting down the days and praying we'd make the one year mark! And here we are! Thank you LORD!

BUT little did I know as I was planning this little blog post to celebrate Liza, that I would also be posting a big big milestone!

Addison took her first official steps today!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!

Anna (her PT) was here and Addie stood up from Anna's lap and took two steps toward the couch without holding on to anything or lunging! It was an awesome moment and I'm so glad that Adam happened to be home for it so he got to see her first steps with us!

This was taken just a few moments after her first steps... Anna was trying to get her to do it again!

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