Thursday, July 26, 2012

Amelia Island Time - Day 3

After a staying up really late visiting with MiMi the first night, we slept in as late as Addie would allow and then it was off to explore MiMi's house some more and snitch a little breakfast before it was ready to be served to the masses.

Breakfast thief!

MiMi's three grandbabies in the kitchen, helping her fry chicken!

Addison spent a lot of her time trying to convince MiMi to pick her up and MiMi was all too happy to oblige when she wasn't trying to fry chicken!

"MiMi, what is that thing with the long cord that you are talking into? I've never seen such a thing!"

The boys looking outside at the rain that was keeping us away from the pool and beach.

Miss Addie napped in our arms most of the trip. I soaked up those sweet moments of snuggle time.
That evening we had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits and a salad. It was yummy!! The kiddos had a bath and I took some pictures of Addie playing in the tub. She looked so much like Jack at that age. I have pictures of Jack in the tub playing with a plastic cup as well. Check this out:

Addie age 13 months

Jack age 11 months

I think they do favor a bunch!!

It was a perfect first day of vacation after a long hard drive. I know the boys were a little sad they couldn't get out in the water somewhere, but for this Texas girl that loves the rain, it was a pretty great day. I loved the weather, the company and the food. It was wonderful being on vacation as a family of five. There was definitely a cathartic quality to being back in Amelia. The last time we had been there I had been pretty sick and then we had gotten home only to find out about Addie's hydro the Monday after we got home. Looking back now, I think I knew something was wrong. I know that sounds silly... but chalk it up to mother's intuition. I remember sitting on the beach our last day in Amelia, watching a little red headed one year old girl walk around the beach in her little bikini and instead of feeling excited I was pensive. Not sad, just not at ease about it. I think I knew. And then on the drive home the next day, Addie didn't move at all. When we stopped in Beaumont, I drank something sugary, despite my gestational diabetes, to see if I could wake her up and get some type of movement from her. So, being back in Amelia, full circle, with a thriving happy little girl was a wonderfully healing experience. Yes, Addie has hydrocephalus and yes we traveled all the way to Florida with her MRI disks and a local pediatric neurosurgeon's number in my cell phone. But she was there with us on our first vacation as a family of five and that's an awesome thing!

Day 4 coming up soon!

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