Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our first family of five vacation- days one and two

We recently drove 1100 miles to and from Amelia Island, Florida to visit Adam's mom - MiMi!
We left on a Sunday morning and drove all the way to Crestview, FL the first day. We stopped twice in Louisiana - once for coffee in Lafayette and then again for dinner in Hammond at Raising Canes. It was a long drive but the kids did amazingly well. Even Addie. She didn't cry until the very last five minutes we were in the car. It was like she had car radar... she cried at the end of every leg of the trip, whether it was 7 hours in the car or 12. She was done right around the time we were done. So it worked out well for the most part.
We stayed at Jameson Inn in Crestview and had breakfast the next morning with Addie's hydro BFF Marley and her awesome mom Tina! We had met them back in December at Duke for Addie's second infusion (you can read that blog post here: Second trip to Duke ) and we were thrilled to get the girls together again and have more time to visit with Tina!
After we left Crestview, we drove 300 miles through Tropical Storm Debby. Well I say we... ADAM drove through it and the kids and I watched the rain. It was pretty awesome to watch that much rain, especially for this Texan girl. Adam did great driving through the bans and bans of rain, anywhere from light to downpour for five hours. I'm glad he has more experience driving in the rain than I do!
We arrived at Casa de MiMi around 7pm and she had hot pizza waiting for us! We scarfed down dinner and the kids wasted no time exploring her new home and making themselves comfy. Even Addie. She adapted like it was no big deal and was quickly crawling all over!
My three loves all buckled in and ready to go!
Taking a snooze through Houston
Accidental detour through Houston put us right by Minute Maid Park. My extended family are big Astros fans !

Addie had recently learned to drink out of a straw and I let her have a sip of my frappucino thinking she wouldn't like the bitter taste. Wrong. She loved it and tried to steal it from me!
Meeting up with Miss Marley and her momma at Cracker Barrel!

I love my iPhone! I was able to pull radar as we were driving and the GPS would show us exactly where we were. Smack dab in the middle of Debby!

Arrived at MiMi's house finally!!!

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