Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Neurosurgeon follow up

Adam and I took Addie to her MRI and follow up neurosurgeon appointment. Addie's MRI went well. The tech we had wasn't as smooth of an operator as the tech we had the last two times, but we made it through. Addison actually fell asleep during the scan. Guess it's old hat to her by now.

We headed upstairs and were called back very soon. Of course it helped that we were running late because the MRI place was running behind. After a quick set of vitals and measurements (Addie's head was 50.4cm - almost back to her birth size) and a health and history from the NP, it was time for Dr. George to come in!!

I had cheated and looked at the disk of images while we were in the waiting room so I knew there had been no change in her ventricles since her last scans in August and November of last year. Dr. George is very pleased with this fact. I asked him directly about the concerns Dr. Kurtzberg at Duke had... her head circ going up and the lack of change in her scans. He laughed and said he and JoAnn had that argument many times throughout the years. That he had told her, it doesn't mean anything. He said he's actually very glad that Addie's vents are stable after how badly she overdrained last summer.

As soon as he walked in the room, I handed him Addie. There's something incredibly sweet about seeing a man that cares for his patients as much as he does, a man that literally saved your daughter's life - not once but twice - holding your child. I think I shall ask him to hold her at every appointment from now on out!!

We don't have to go back for another three months. I scheduled Addie's next appointment the day after she turns 1 yr old. On the one year anniversary of her initial shunt surgery. Full circle. I pray we don't need Dr. George's services between now and then.

We left there and headed to lunch just the three of us. Melissa had the boys! They had a fun outing to Ikea while we took Addie to her appt.  Tomorrow is her nine month well baby. I'll be back with an update.


Fuzzy grins

On the way to her appointment
Addison with her amazing neurosurgeon, Dr. George

<>   <>    
Addison's sag and transverse MRI views. Stable vents!!

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