Monday, February 13, 2012

Addie's Ears

We saw the ENT last Friday and it all went pretty much as we expected. Addie had just finished her Augmentin 36 hours before her appointment and she still had fluid in her ears. No infection but the doctor noted negative pressure. Negative pressure on the ear drum creates something similar to what happens to ears when on a plane. I would assume because of this, her hearing is being affected and thus her  speech development. Dr. Z said they typically don't put tubes in kids this young but Addie's case is unique. Three ruptures in three months is not a good thing, and add in that she shows little to no signs of infection before it ruptures, we are moving forward with tubes. Dr. Z suggested we do the surgery at Dell Children's before I could even suggest it. So that was nice. I'll feel much more comfortable having her under the care of the hospital anesthesiologist then one at an outpatient facility. We are on the books for March 6th. Dr. Z agreed that seeing Dr. George before her surgery was a good idea, especially considering the possibility of a shunt adjustment. Then we didn't dare reschedule her eye appointment, so the next  available day is March 6th. It'll be here before we know it! It just happens to be the day Adam has been summoned for jury duty! So thankfully mom is coming down to keep Jack and get Gray to school, and I'll be flying solo for this surgery. After two brain surgeries, tubes feel like a cake walk, but surgery is still surgery so any prayers for Addison would be appreciated!!

Blessings ~


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