Thursday, February 16, 2012

Addison has started to commando crawl!

I was sitting here, talking to Addie's services coordinator yesterday when out of the corner of my eye I saw Addison reaching for the edge of her mattress and pulling herself to the edge! I squealed to her svc coordinator "Did you just see that?!" It was the first time I've seen her successful pull herself forward. She can spin herself in a circle, pulling herself to her right side (her stronger arm) and she can get to things that way, but has never pulled herself forward. Until yesterday. I watched her the rest of the evening and sure enough she did it again, this time on her gym mats that thankfully arrived yesterday. And she did it again. Only about six inches but they were six inches FORWARD using her arms to pull herself, going towards something that she wanted, with purpose!

I did not mention it to her developmental therapist today, on the chance that it was a fluke and partly because I was hoping she'd do it again today and her developmental therapist could see it for herself. And she did it !!! Multiple times. She pulls herself with her right arm and pushes herself with her right foot. Her left arm and leg are kind of along for the ride right now. But we'll work on them!!

She kept scooching forward to try to get her therapist's tablet computer. Oh she wanted it!! And instead of getting frustrated and getting fussy and pulling her arms up where she looked like a sky diver, she went for it and got it! After the therapist kept moving it out of her reach by a few inches of course. :o)

She was a very happy girl once she got to it!

Praise GOD!! I did not think I would be posting this so soon. I know she still has a lot of work to do... but don't we all? Through God all things are possible and Addison is and continues to be a testament to that fact!

I will do my best to get video soon!

This week has been blissfully normal... a few therapy appointments but nothing crazy. We are going to pick up my nephew this weekend which I'm looking forward to. He's trying to raise money for a mission trip to Panama and we are going to make him work for our donation! ;o)

Then MONDAY is the big day! I did find out through randomly reading that Addie's valve on her shunt doesn't have as small of increments as I thought it did. I.E. if Dr. George does decide to change her setting it would have to go from 110 to 70. There is no 100, 90, 80 etc. She was at a 40 before and majorly overdraining. So this has given me more food for thought regarding the possibility of adjusting her shunt. More to talk to Dr. George about. I am up to 7 questions for him. lol

I will be posting a lot in the next few weeks, I'm sure! Lots of appointments means lots of updates!



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