Friday, February 24, 2012

9 months old and a well check

Addison turned 9 months old on the 20th!! 2/3rds of a year! Love you baby girl!! You are such a blessing !

Addison saw her pediatrician Wednesday for her 9 month well check. Her pedi is 'thrilled' with how well she's doing!!

Addie weighed 23 lbs and was 29 1/2 inches long. Her head measured right at 50.8cm having measured 50.4 at Dr. George's office earlier in the week. This happens a lot between different people measuring. So we're not worried. She's still on the same curve with her head, an off the chart curve but the same curve just the same. So this is good. She's staying on the same curve weight and height wise as well.

Addison got the green light to start all kinds of new foods so that is exciting. We can start feeding her meats, pasta, etc along with soft cooked veggies and fruits.

I did mention to Dr. N the possibility of a referral to a craniofacial doctor for a molding helmet. She and I both agreed that Addie's head shape looks good and she has minimal asymmetry issues so that's good that we're on the same page. I just wanted to double check. I've heard from our therapists and fellow hydro moms that it is hard to get insurance to pay for a shaping helmet or band after one year of age. So if it was needed, it would have been something we would  have needed to do sooner than later.

After our appointment, I took Addie and Jack to lunch at Chick Fil A. A first for me taking those two by myself to a restaurant. They both did great. Addie ate chicken for the first time and then Jack got to play on the playground while his sister took a snooze in her stroller.
Soon it was time to drop Jack off for his weekly speech class. Addie and I had some mommie daughter time for all of about an hour until Grayson got in from school.

Next week, we have Addie's eye appointment on Weds. Then Mom comes in next weekend to stay for a few nights. YAY! It feels like a really long time since mom came and stayed. She was here so much during the end of my pregnancy we all got pretty used to having her around - not to mention spoiled! It'll be nice to have her back for a few nights!

We have our next Hydro Angels Over Texas support group meeting on Sunday.  Addie and I are going by ourselves this time. Mom and Missy are gonna keep the boys and Adam has to work.  Jack's 4 year well check in on Monday the 5th in the early afternoon, then we'll go straight to Addie's 9 month portraits. Tuesday is Addie's tube surgery. All prayers for a safe, smooth, successful surgery are appreciated!

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