Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer time!!!

We are very excited that it is summer ! Grayson is home from school and we fully intend to enjoy every stinking moment we can this summer. I also have a list of summer projects a mile long and a pretty full calendar, especially for the month of June!

We have Jared and Raychel here this week while Jacob is at camp.  Addison has a bunch of extra therapy appointments this week since we are only going to be home two weeks in June. Her one year ECI eval is Thursday so that should be interesting..... all three therapists and her service coordinator all here to assess her development.

Then we are going to my hometown on Sunday so the boys can attend VBS all next week. Thankfully Mom has internet NOW!!!! I can blog and keep up on Facebook and all that stuff while we are there. Whew ;)  Plus, I figured I would multitask while we were gone and scheduled myself an appointment with the dentist for a crown *FUN* and an appointment for Hannah to be spayed. Fun for her!

We are hoping to squeeze a day trip to Fredericksburg while we are there to get some shopping in and mainly some ideas of things to try to duplicate at home for much less money! I am also hoping to hit some antique stores. Never know what we could find. Exciting! Someone in the week we are also hoping to make it back to our creek for another picnic.

A quick week home that is filled with therapy appointments and then we'll be packing up to head to Florida!!!!!! I am giddy at all the thoughts of our first family vacation. So excited and thankful we are able to do this so soon!!

We were supposed to go back to Duke first for Addie's third infusion and then swing down to Florida to visit Adam's family, but after much (MUCH) discussion on our parts, and emailing back and forth to Duke, we have decided to postpone Addison's third infusion until October and just make our June vacation a family NON medical related trip. And it was a huge weight off our shoulders when we finally came to that conclusion. We are so thankful for the opportunity to do the stem cell infusions for Addison. And we firmly believe they have played a large part in how well she is doing developmentally. But we also have had a pretty busy last year... and all three of Adam's vacations have surrounded hydrocephalus. And so, when the thought occurred to us to take a non-medically related trip.... it was tempting. Very very tempting. The one catch would have been Addie's weight. She's a big girl... 95% weight for her age. And the stem cells are effective up to a certain mass. It was all hinging on how many cells she had left and how long we could postpone it based on her weight. If she was a half pound away from her maximum effective weight for the stem cells she had left, we were going to have to find a way to get to Duke now.... or not do her third infusion at all. Something we felt we had to consider... at least to say we had thought it through. Thankfully, the email came back that we had some time, even if she's gaining a 1/2 pound a month. So we happily re-scheduled Addie's third infusion for October. And we are going to fly down and back in just three days and make it a quick trip. No vacation time required for Adam. We feel so good about our decision!! And the prospect of 9 whole days of relaxing, family quality time mixed with visiting Adam's family... is a wonderful wonderful thing!

All that being said, as always.... we are well aware things can change on a dime with any child, but especially a child with hydrocephalus. So as always..... we are moving forward with intent...and FAITH that this will happen. And if it doesn't, we will roll with it.

In the mean time, I am making lists of things to do for road trip projects, and things we want to do once we are in Florida and maybe even some pitstops along the way. Fun! Love me some good planning.  (Thanks Aunt Missy and MeMaw for house/dog sitting while we are gone!)

Once we get back from vacation, July is looking a little calmer. Thankfully. I do have to return to my hometown for part deux of my dentist appointment and then we are smooth sailing from then on. Praise God! Addie has a few appointments in August and then it'll be back to school before we know it.

That's our summer in a nutshell!!


Memorial Day 2012
Daddy home = blueberry pancakes!!
LOVE this picture of Jack!!


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