Saturday, June 9, 2012

Second week of Summer Vakay

Our second week of summer vacation was a pretty busy one. My niece and nephew were here for the week, Addie had several therapy sessions, her one year eval and an ophthalmologist appointment. I was very happy to have the extra help from my niece, Raychel!! Raych- you can move in, anytime!!

The eye appointment went well. Dr. R does want us to do paralytic eye drops to keep her from crossing her eyes for 7 days. The idea is that she will be forced to wear her glasses to see since she will be unable to cross her eyes to bring her vision into focus. We are currently on day two of her drops. So far so good. She is wearing her glasses more at home than she was. For the longest time, she would refuse to keep her glasses on at home, but would wear them when we were out. It does help that she is getting old enough to understand when I tell her that she has to leave her glasses on. You can even ask her "where are your glasses?" and she'll either touch her glasses or reach for her head or neck. It's pretty cute!!

Her one year ECI assessment went great! Her therapists and service coordinator were here for 3 hours! Addie has a slight delay in receptive language but they aren't concerned about it because it shouldn't really be emerging quite yet. She is also 3 months behind on her left side from her right in fine motor skills. Other than that, she is on target or ahead for all other milestones. PRAISE God!!!!! What an awesome report!!! Addison would technically not qualify for services based on the % of her delays right now, if it weren't for her medical diagnosis. So amazed at her and at her creator for placing such a miracle in our lives!!

A few pics from the week... these pics are out of order... nothing I  can do about it when I upload them straight from my iPhone. 

The expression on Jared's face cracks me up. "What do I do with a baby?!" He's the youngest in his family and isn't used to being around little ones.

Sharing their Popsicles with their sister.

Raychel was able to go with Addie and I to Addie's eye doctor follow up. Such a big help!
New phone app lets me caption my pics as I take them! Nice!
Adam and I had date night thanks to Aunt Missy!! It was much needed and we both enjoyed it ! Dinner, shopping, and a movie. :)
Addie likes shoe shopping! Wonder why??
Waiting for Dr. R to come into the room.
Physical therapy!
Addie loves her Raychel!
This is her sweet talking face when she wants something... mainly my laptop. After two hard drive crashes in two weeks, I'm a little paranoid about her even touching it!

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  1. Your blog title has such meaning I LOVE IT words to live by! Your kids are WAY to cute to handle congrats on your blog its awesome