Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Merry is the month of May!

May is a big month in our household. Addie is turning one! Her first birthday! Our first time celebrating her birthday. We are very excited!! With a lot of help from Melissa, we have gotten quite a few things done in the planning department. The cake has been ordered, the menu has been planned, the invites have been mailed out, the tablescape materials have been bought. Exciting exciting! And I'm having dreams that we don't get it all done!!  LOL

May also means school is winding to a close! I am as excited as Grayson I think. I can't wait to turn that school alarm off for 10 whole weeks!! I am getting excited about our summer vacation plans! We are taking Addie back to Duke for her third stem cell infusion and then on to visit MiMi for a few fun filled days by the beach. I have visions of  a little girl in her bathing suit walking with the help of her brothers on either side of her. Pictures will abound I am sure!

May also means season finales of favorite tv shows. And nephew's birthdays. And a neice's graduation from middle school. May means Mother's Day and Memorial day. May means a follow up MRI and appointment with Dr. George. May means the one year anniversary of Addie's first shunt surgery

We have had a blissfully normal month thus far. At least on the medical front. Addie is everywhere! She is cruising along the couches and letting go between the ottoman and couch to move between the two. Very exciting! She loves to play with her brothers but her favorite things are still any tech gadget mom or dad has in their hands!

We have had a string of breakage around here. In the space of a week, the tv in our room broke, the oven started leaking gas and burned out it's third ignitor in a year, the dryer isn't working as well and started to smell like burning wires, the alternator on Adam's van went out, and the hard drive on my laptop crashed. YIKES!

Thankfully, my laptop is still under warranty so it was replaced quickly and for free. But I did lose quite a few things. I had it backed up a few months ago but hadn't backed it up recently. Thankfully, I had not deleted my memory card on my camera for this very reason. But I did lose log ins, favorites, and a few documents. Oh well! I am looking for an external hard drive to hopefully not be in this situation again.

The new washing machine was delivered on Saturday but they didn't bring the dryer. They brought two washing machines. Has anyone ever ordered two washing machines??? So the dryer won't be delivered til Thursday. The washing machine is a front loading one and is VERY cool. It sings to me when it's done. HA! I am loving it and laundry is getting done at a much faster clip. ( I wonder where Addie gets her love of gadgets from....hmmmmm! ;) )

The new stove should be delivered tomorrow. The van is fixed. The new TV arrived last Saturday and has been installed. We had been talking about a flat screen for our bedroom for a while. We had our old 32" box set on top of the chest which was pretty precariously perched up there. So it's nice to have a little more room on top of the chest. It's nice to watch Jeopardy every night before we turn in again. (DORKS!)

I am seriously hoping we are done replacing and fixing things around the house!! But I am not sweating the small stuff.... at all!! YES it stung a bit to have to buy buy buy but with a little miracle like Addie cruising around the house, how can I worry about the little stuff like that?! God is good and life is about so much more than money or a string of broken things.


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