Saturday, May 19, 2012

May phone dump

Addie at Grayson's school music program
New PT toy! Addie loves it.
Grayson in the 3rd grade music program.
 I took a very similar picture of Addie in this exact position when she was 2 months old. Look how big she has gotten!!
We may have given Addie a sucker to entertain her while we worked on party stuff.
Pre-night night bottle
Ravioli is yummy too!

Addie took this picture of herself!

Cracker Barrel breakfast - Addie ordered off the kids menu for the first time.
We had to replace the washer and dryer... loving my new front loading ones!!
Standing up like a big girl!
My new Smash book. LOVE it! Between it and Project Life I have all kinds of crafty things to do when I have a spare minute.
Addie has discovered my purse!! Asking for the check book already!
Friday night out ... this time at Mighty Fine! See Jack washing his hands in the background?

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