Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tubes are IN!

Addison has her tubes put in this morning. We had to be at Dell Children's at 5:45am. She was the first surgery of the day. Which was good since she had been NPO since 11:45 last night.

She handled all the pre op stuff like a pro. Everyone was saying how good she was, how alert she was. How cute she was ! :) She watched every little thing they did. I can see as she gets older how surgeries and medical things may get scarier but right now she's fine with them.

She went back right at 7 am. I walked her to the doors to the OR suites them went back to the waiting room. I had enough time to use the restroom and post on Facebook that she had gone back to the OR before they called me to the consult room to meet with Dr. Z. She said it went great and that her right ear has been relatively clear but her left was full of old nasty fluid. She called it glue. So it was a good thing we went ahead with the tubes. I went back to the waiting room and before I could update Facebook they called me to the recovery room.

She was screaming her head off as I walked in. I made her a bottle but she didn't want it. I couldn't calm her down. She was angry and half out of it. The anesthesia hadn't worn off yet.
Suddenly she belched loud enough to fill the whole room and then she was ready to drink her bottle. Lol. She rode in her stroller to the post op room. A nurse came in to go over post op instructions and then we were free to go. Fastest surgery ever! We were pulling out of the parking lot at 7:45am. Two hours from arrival. Yay!!

She slept most the way home and most of the morning. My mom stayed so I could sleep some. Thanks mom!! Adam got in from jury duty. Thankfully all the cases on the docket plea bargained so he didn't have to stay more than an hour.

We enjoyed a blissfully normal afternoon. Adam was home and Addie was feeling great, acting just like her normal happy self. It was a relatively minor surgery all things considered but I'm still glad to have it behind us!

We go to get her glasses at the end of the week! Between her glasses and newly cleaned out ears, she's not gonna know what to do! She can see and hear!

"Why are we up so early?!?" On the way to the hospital at 5:30am
Done with surgery, starving after being NPO since 11:45pm the night before

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