Monday, March 19, 2012

March happenings

Addie's OT eval went well. It lasted three hours!! She is definitely not using her left hand as much (um I knew that!) and is weaker on her left side. We will officially be working on delay in fine motor and some sensory issues that she is right on the fence of having, mainly that she is seeking stimulation orally. We are adding a soft splint for her left hand to keep it open and to help her be more aware that she HAS a left hand. The OT recommended that I start baby massage for five minutes every night after her bath, primarily on her left side,  and  to place a small rolled wash cloth in her left hand anytime I catch her clenching her hand to keep it from clenching as tightly as it can.  The goal is that we stretch her out a little bit before the splint arrives this week so we're not stretching out her ligaments too quickly. She recommended a vibration toy for oral stim and the smaller bent bottles so e can work on holding a bottle. We are adding OT  four times a month for now. I feel good about it! Excited to work on the next thing that Addie needs!

Grayson had saved up all of his birthday money and worked really hard in the garage with Aunt Missy over spring break. So he got to go to Toys R Us and pick out a brand new bike. It's a beauty. I'll try to get a picture of him on it soon. He's been cruising around the neighborhood and is begging to go farther than what I have allowed him to go on foot. We are considering it. He's growing up!!

With the help of Melissa, we were able to get a lot done over Spring break, though it seems like we have a lot of projects that are half way done! So I need to make a list of projects so we don't forget any of them!

I am super excited to announce that we have booked a Disney trip - Addie's first trip!! YAY! Disney is such a huge part of our family and I was prepared to have to give it up if Addie's medical needs required us to not be able to travel with her. But thankfully, she is mostly stable. I saw mostly because as always with hydrocephalus her shunt can malfunction at any time. But like I have mentioned previously, Dr. George said to travel. That he knows surgeons all over and could recommend someone before we head off so we aren't stuck in a new area with no one to contact. I can't describe the feeling that comes with being able to book a trip already. That she's doing as well as she is, that she's able to travel, that are family has navigated our way through to the other side. I have a greater understanding of life and how unpredictable it truly is. And I am prepared that if something does happen that prevents us from going, then will go with the flow and reschedule or cancel. That's life. But the hope we have... that we can go again. That is a gift in and of itself.

My mom and her sister came for a visit last Friday. We enjoyed having them and they enjoyed being here (I hope!) It's always great to have family visit and the fact that it makes me clean my house is gravy! lol

Here are some pics from the last week, completely out of order because I can't get my iPhone to upload them in the order I select them but oh well!!

Addison LOVEs my laptop. To the point that she will lunge out of my arms, crawl across the flood, scale tall buildings ;) to get to it!
She got her glasses on Wednesday the 7th.
Shopping in a big girl cart around Toys R Us.
First sink bath!
Hanging out with her Bubba, rockin his hat and chewing on his dog tags!
Enjoying the beautiful weather outside in her stroller while we worked in the yard and garage.
Probably my favorite picture ever! She had her first spaghetti on March 1st and loved it!!
Standing up all by herself to get to a laptop.

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