Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fabulous news!

We had Addie's follow up MRI on Monday and then saw her neurosurgeon today. He is very pleased with how her head looks and said the scans look good. He pointed out her soft spot and told me that the way she looked today was a great baseline to use for future comparison of under or over drainage. We're released to go to Duke for her stem cell infusion. We discussed taking her on vacation in February or March and her doctor is fine with it, as long as we get a referral from him for a neurosurgeon in the area we are vacationing in, to have in case of emergency.

The best news .... we don't have to go back for THREE months!!! And we don't have to have another MRI done before her next appointment. Three months is as long as any hydro baby under one year old can go between appointments so this is as normal as we can get! So very thankful!

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  1. FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! Yayyyyyyy! I'm so happy to hear this!