Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hydro Angels meet up

We attended the first Austin area Hydro Angels Over Texas (check them out here) support group today and it was awesome!! We were one of ten families that were represented. The founder is an amazing woman that has hydrocephalus and is still able to lead this wonderful organization in support of families and individuals all over Texas.

We even had the awesome added bonus of meeting a family that lives in the same community as we do!! How incredible is that?! Their son is just two months younger than Addie (TO the day!) and is a CUTIE! I look forward to getting to know this family even better and watching our kids grow up together and NOT alone in their condition. God is GOOD!! It was such a wonderful experience to talk to a family that not only knows hydro speak but uses the same doctors!

Today was a GOOD day!

I am now officially signed up as a hydro angel to offer support to any hydro family that needs it!

Now I'm kicking myself for not taking any pictures... hopefully we will have more opportunities in the future. Next group meeting is in March.

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