Thursday, December 15, 2011

Addie's 6 month well baby

Addison weighed 20 lbs, 9 ozs and was 27 and 1/2 inch long. Her head circumference is 49cm and seems to be slowing down in growth, which for now is a good thing. It's a delicate balance between wanting her head to grow some so that her sutures don't start to close but not so much that it will make her lose head control. So a slow down but still growing is good.

Dr. N was thrilled with her! She said 'she's miraculously." Addie is sitting up, officially at 6 1/2 months old. We're still working on sitting skills with PT because the PT goal is to be able to sit her up on the floor and walk away from her and not worry about her falling over, but her PT said that's not the same as a milestone of sitting up and as far as the medical community is concerned Addie is sitting up. We're so proud of her!! It's really amazing, considering what a noggin she has on her!

She is rolling over back to front now, and has begun to barrel roll. She's reaching with BOTH hands now and will even cross midline with one hand to get something on the opposite side of her body. AWESOME!

Dr. N said we always look at how the child is doing and the scans are secondary, and that what Dr. K meant was that given her head circumference increase, she would have assumed that her brain tissue had expanded, and that when she saw that it hadn't increased since August, she was assuming that Addie was under pressure still. Which made total sense to me. So then Dr. K saw Addie and watched her in person and that threw all the assumptions she had formed based on her head circ and scan out the window. So we are going by how Addie is doing, first and foremost. Dr. N also said that she trusts Dr. George completely, which I do as well, but that there is nothing wrong with asking what the plan was as far as Addie's ventricle sizes go! So that's the plan. But it can definitely wait til February, at her next follow up appointment.

Addie got her six month vaccinations and we went ahead and gave her the flu shot. I've never given my kids the flu shot that young, but Addison is a different kinda kid. She's too young for anti virals and with her hydro, things aren't as 'straight forward' as with other kids. So I agree 100% with given her the flu vaccination. She'll have to go back for a booster in January. She did run a bit of a fever later that night but she never lost her appetite and the fever was gone the next morning. So not a bad reaction in my book!!


  1. I happened to come across your blog while writing my own. I was actually googling how to spell Dr. Dekowski and your blog came up.

    My daughter also has hydrocephalus and a VP Shunt. I would love to speak with you if you're interested. Friend me on Facebook so we can connect. I'm the only Purma in Austin.

    Love your blog and I'm glad to read your daughter is doing well.

  2. Thanks so much! I sent you a friend request and a message on facebook!