Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Awesome news!!!

Since Addison turned six months old Sunday, she was finally old enough to have a TB skin test done. Her nurse came by this morning to read the test and it was negative!! So thankful and thrilled!! No more INH meds twice a week. No more nurse visits once a week. No more restriction on Tylenol usage (INH and Tylenol both metabolize in the liver and they didn't want to stress her liver too much). No more masks for the doctors at Duke to wear when we're there for her infusions! YAY!!

Addison also had an MRI this week. Just a fast acquisition one.  She rocked it out. Laid there, looking all unimpressed. They swaddled her and wrapped her in what looked like a very large blood pressure cuff and then blew it up to hold her as snug as possible in the machine, so she wouldn't have to be sedated.

 As soon as we got back to the car, I put the disk into the laptop and pulled up the scans.  They looked good to my eyes. Not much change since August, but stables vents is a good thing. We were told no news was good news regarding the official report and it's Wednesday night, and I haven't heard from George's office. So I'm officially declaring good news! I will talk to George about the size of her vents not changing much in three months... but that can wait til her next appointment in February!!!

August on the left, November on the right. Still a lot of fluid but STABLE

We have plans to hang out around the house tomorrow and watch the parade and football. We aren't heading to Mom and Dad's til Friday for our Thanksgiving celebration on Saturday. Will post more about Thanksgiving after the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! So much to be thankful for this year!

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