Friday, April 27, 2012

Random phone pics in no particular order

Hannah Banana! Our Maltese puppy
Addie starting to CRUISE !! Grayson's bed is the perfect height for her.
Really inspecting the remote!
BBQ in Lockhart
Sick little girl!! She hit 104 fever Thursday morning. This was Thursday afternoon while we waited for all the tests results. Praise God it was just a viral infection that she fought off in 24 hrs.
Holding her own bottle while we were out shopping! YAY!
Sitting at the big table for the first time! We are really trying to eat at the table every night we are all home for dinner! The boys love it!
First pizza!! She was a fan - not that I'm surprised!
Someone was awake when it was time to watch Grayson get on the bus, so she got to go with me outside.
Sweet Honey Bee. I took this the night before she and Holly got out of the fence. We still haven't found them.        :( Breaks my heart.
Addie's pack and play was waiting for us when we got back from Mom and Dad's for Easter. I'm so happy to have a safe (for now!) place to put Addie when I need to make breakfast or do laundry or whatever! She's EVERYWHERE - which is such a blessing but a safety concern when I can't follow her.
Stuff for Addie's party. Things are starting to come together. So excited for May 20th to celebrate an amazing little girl's first birthday!
Ready for a Friday Fun Night with Aunt Missy, Grayson and Jackson
Jack showing off his Spiderman pancakes thanks to MiMi's awesome Easter gift!

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