Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some new experiences for Addison

I left Addison for the first extended amount of time on Friday the 21st so I could attend the SYTYCD concert with Carol as a birthday celebration. Carol and I had a great time. It was a much needed mommie night out! Addie did great with Aunt Missy and was sleeping peacefully when I returned FIVE hours later.

The next day, Melissa and I took Jack and Addie to the outlet mall in San Marcos as a continued celebration for my birthday weekend. Addison did wonderful. She loved her stroller and all the new sounds and environments. She stayed in her stroller for over three hours, happy as can be. She took a bottle once and dozed off for a while. Put her feet up on the cup holder, played with her butterfly hanging toy and even laughed out loud at her crazy mom a few times. It was a great day!! She was so well behaved that it allowed me to spend way too much money! ;)

Wednesday Addison had her first outdoor playdate at the local DQ playground. We met some friends of ours from Grayson's school and the boys played on the playground while Addie hung out with us moms. Interestingly, while we were outside there was a fire truck and ambulance that came screaming by. I watched Addie very closely to see how she would react to the noise, after our football game issue, and she was totally unphased. I was surprised really. I thought that it would be a similar type noise event as the bell tower and the band playing but she didn't seem to mind at all. Slept through it really. So who knows. It will be interesting to see what other types of noises set her off and what doesn't. Maybe the football game was just a perfect storm of stimulation and stranger awareness.

I got a video of Addie laughing today for Facebook. She is laughing and smiling more and more every day, though there are some days that she just isn't in the mood. I find her little moods pretty amusing. She definitely has her own mind.

We have a busy next couple of weeks (well months really) coming up. This weekend is our last home weekend for a while. Monday is Halloween. Addie will be going in her stroller, rocking her orange and black tutu and cheering on her brothers as they trick or treat.

Next Wednesday, the 2nd, we have a meeting with her PT and service coordinator to up her PT to twice monthly. Really working on her reaching and strenghtening her core to help her sit up.

Next Thursday afternoon, we're driving to Llano to watch Raychel cheer and then staying over night Thursday so hopefully I can attend Jacob's last game of the season while Mom watches Addie. Won't be attempting to take her to a noisey game again this year. (IF ever....)

The weekend following that is the Battle reunion which I'm looking forward to. I didn't go last year because I was soooo sick with morning sickness. So it's been since Elizabeth's (a cousin) wedding since I saw our extended extended family.... and I also look forward to an opportunity to show off Addison! Naturally I already have her outfit picked out!

Love this time of year! A cold front is rolling through as I type. So much to look forward to and be grateful for! Tis the season for thanksgiving afterall! But I really am trying to be thankful all day, every day and not just one day a year.

Happy Fall everyone!
~ Aimee

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  1. Just found your blog. I have a hydro baby boy. He was born around the same time your little Addie was born. When I look at her pictures[she is beautiful] it looks like they have the same temperament. My blog is
    Thanks for sharing!