Sunday, June 5, 2011

Addie's Surgery Day

Saturday, May 21 -
After about 3 hours of sleep, we were awake at 4:45am because of a nurse check so we decided to head up to the NICU to see Addie before shift change. We scrubbed in and made our way to her bed. We sat with her for about an hour and took several pictures. Filled out the permission slip for surgery. We went back to the room for more pain meds and then back at 7:00am to meet with Dr. George before the surgery. He showed us the MRI from the day before and this was when we found out that Addie had a cyst behind her cerebellum. He mentioned that it was 'kind of like a Dandy Walker variant cyst'. It was never found during the ultrasounds. The cyst pushed the cerebellum forward which caused the narrowing of the aqueducts. Typical Dandy Walker malformation has four things involved: a cerebellar cyst, enlarged fourth ventricle, agenesis of the vermis (part of the brain located between the two cerebellar hemispheres), and an elevated tentorium. Of these four things, all that Geroge could see was the cyst and the elevated tentorium. Which is why he called it a variant of Dandy Walker.

After meeting with the anethesiologist, we kissed Addie one last time and went back to our room.

We decided we would be better off showering, eating breakfast and pumping milk for Addison than waiting in the NICU waiting room for an hour and half. Dr. George said he would come let us know how it went.
And he did about an hour later... he came to our room and joked about how large my laptop was. "No wonder I couldn't stop googling." he said.

He told us the surgery went well. Shortly after he left the antesiologist came and told us she was back in the NICU and we could go see her when we wanted to but she was still intubated and groggy from the medicine.

We tried to wait for her to be extubated before we went to visit but she had to stay on it longer than we originally hoped, so we returned that night to visit for about an hour.

Post op pictures:

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