Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May might be THE month

Hard to believe it's been over 6 weeks since we found out about Addie's hydro. Her vents are up to the mid 40s but have mostly stabilized the last few weeks. Her head circumference is measuring between 42 and 44 cms. We've received the cord blood collection kit, toured the hospital, met with the neonatologist and the neurosurgeon. Our plan is in place for the hydro as much as it can be. Delivery date was tentatively set for June 1st.  38 weeks 4 days.

Until our last sonogram on Monday the 2nd of May. Addie's growth scan showed her weighing between 10 and 12 pounds. Her head is obviously a big part of that equation, no pun intended, but her belly is measuring quite large as well. Dr. D is concerned about her size, obviously. I'm not exactly thrilled either! She had turned back around and is breech again. How a ten pound baby can turn from head down to breech and me not know it is beyond me. Dr. D has upped my u/s to two a week from now on to watch more closely for stress. Scares the poo out of me. I had a plan in place for the hydro but her size is only partly related to the hydrocephalus. The fluid weighs a lot I'm sure and the sheer size of the head will skew the formula. But the fact that her belly is measuring so large is a complication from my diabetes. Something that's supposedly as controlled as it can be. My A1Cs are 'excellent' and 'wonderful' and 'awesome' according to all three of my docs. But for some reason she's still chubbing up. The fact that I'm already having a c-section takes care of a lot of the issues related to macrosomia but the issue that is the most scary is that her size can start stressing her body. Her oxygen needs can exceed what my body can provide. So we're in a holding pattern, trying to balance her need to stay in as long as she can for maturity issues to handle the shunt surgery against what ever danger her size poses by staying in utero.

Then there's the fact that I'm measuring 39 weeks and my body thinks I'm further along than I am. And I've been having some contractions, enough to start timing them. I have a ton of questions for Dr. D tomorrow. Then I'm seeing Dr. C, my ob, next Tuesday and she'll check to see if I'm dilating. I feel like we may have a better idea of how much sooner her size is going to make delivery after those two appointments. I'd really like to have a scheduled delivery and not an emergency c-section, if for no other reason than for Dr. C to be able to deliver. Since we're delivering downtown and not at NAMC, Dr. C can't just walk across the street at a moment's notice.

Trying to stay strong and hold onto my faith but it's really thrown me. I keep telling myself it could be worse. And it could. But I will feel so much better when she's out and safe and I can see her and they can monitor her 24/7 and not just twice a week!!

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