Friday, June 19, 2015

Another year goes by

Obviously I have been woefully neglecting Addie's blog. This is mostly a good news thing. We have been crazy busy and she's been doing well!

Addie did not qualify for sped services last year when we had her evaluated at 3. Which was a good problem to have, we were so thankful that she was doing well. But it was also a challenge to find a preschool that was excited to have her be a part of their community. Most schools saw her as a list of medical issues and didn't see a child that needed a helping hand in her development, which is really what education should be for every child. We finally found a wonderful school that welcomed her with open arms. We will forever be grateful to the school that did see her as a child ready to learn and not just a scary list of medical terms. However, after  getting to see her in a school environment for six months, I started seeing the things she was struggling with at her preschool (a lot of visual things, attention span, and fine motor). I requested another eval when she turned four, and was able to give them a list of things that we were seeing in a school environment to check into. I am thrilled to say she qualified and will be receiving services at the same school our boys go to. I realize this may sound really odd... being happy my child qualified for special education services, but when you have a kiddo like Addie, all you want is what is best for THEM. And that definitely involves celebrating all the things they CAN do. But... you also have to advocate for them and help people understand the things they struggle with. Addie is a complex case, and I am a firm believer in the more help she can get, the better. We are super excited that she will be getting OT, PT and vision services in the fall. We found out the good news the day before she turned 4 so it was a great birthday present for her and for me!
She requested a domino cake! lol She loves playing with dominoes.

She saw Dr. George in early May for her one year follow up, and I had to snap our traditional picture with him. I think she likes him as much as her mom does!

In other news, we finally reached the point of surgery with her left leg. Her contracture had gotten so bad that she was walking on her toes so high that her ankle was collapsing and twisting with every step. The theory is that because of her left hemi, she's weak in her left core and left quadricep. That causes her to hyperextend her knee. Which she compensates for by popping up her left food up on her toes. The more she toe walked, the shorter her calf muscles got because she wasn't extending them  to keep them stretched as her bones grew. She had a gastroc soleus recession on May 12th to release the contracture and let her tendons relax again. She has been rocking a purple cast since.

Thankfully, the cast comes off next Thursday and we will be walking straight down the hall to have her new AFO put on.  I am cautiously excited to see how she walks after the surgery. She actually RAN the other day, cast and all. I've never seen her run before. It was pretty awesome.

As far as the rest of us... we are all doing well. Grayson rocked 6th grade this year -- all As and made honor band for next year. Jackson loves school and received the citizenship award for his class for the year. He is quite the rule follower.

Adam is working as hard as ever. We were able to take a little getaway just the two of us last week thanks to my mom and sister. It's never easy to leave Addie but we know that making time for ourselves is super critical with everything we have going on.

I am in my next to last semester of grad school! with plans to student teach in next spring. Ideally, I will be able to start teaching full time the same semester that Addie starts KINDERGARTEN!!! Whoa... Hopefully I can update this blog again before her first day of kinder haha.