Saturday, June 14, 2014

And just like that...She's Three.

Our baby is three years old. Holy cow!! I can't believe it!! She's such a blessing. She's truly an amazing kid.... a handful but an amazing kid!

We kept it low key this year.... no party! Easier on me and she didn't seem to mind. We celebrated a few days early at a Tex Mex restaurant, with mom, dad, Aunt Missy plus our five. She got to wear the big sombrero and was sung to which she loved. We had a small cake and her favorite meal of 'Chickafila' (all one word) on her actual birthday.

For her birthday, we got the internet fixed to the DirecTv box so she could watch YouTube videos on the TV. It had been out since Spring Break when we rearranged furniture and accidentally knocked out the connection in our bedroom. Oops! She loves the Wiggles but really loves to watch them on the big TV and not just on my phone, so she was super psyched to get the Wiggles "for her birthday". What more could a three year old want for their birthday?! Haha!

She was in a cast over  nearly five weeks, including on her birthday. She's such a trooper! We started serial casting at the end of April to try to stretch out her ankle and get range of motion back. I'm happy to report that we had great success with it. She got about 50 degrees back and is into dorsaflexion again. She's walking flat footed again on her left foot. Yay! We have a follow up with her physiatrist in August and a new patient appt with an orthopedic surgeon to just have her evaluated and have one on stand by for the future as well. 

We saw Dr. G, her neurosurgeon, at the end of May. It's always so great to see him. Addie asked him his name and he told her and then asked her name and she said "My name is Addie Chapman" which was super cute. They sat and high fived and fist bumped and blew it up the whole time he and I talked. Her scans looked good - stable for her and we again have a one year follow up for May of 2015. WOO HOO! Thank you Lord! 

Addie is starting preschool in the fall. This is going to be a huge transition, mainly for me! HA! But we are excited about it and feel good about where she's enrolled. I think Addie is more than ready. We went and toured the school and Addie wanted to stay at school when it was time to leave. It was sweet. It's going to be scary to leave her for the first time, but I think it's going to be a great thing for her development. 

Summer break is upon us! Grayson is officially a middle schooler and Jack is out of kinder! We are so far enjoying a low key summer! We hope it stays that way! We have a trip planned later in the summer to go visit Adam's family and that's about it. School will be back in session before we know it, with FOUR of us in school it should be an adventure!!