Monday, June 3, 2013

Jacob's graduation

The last weekend in May, we headed to Llano so we could attend Jacob's high school graduation! Jacob is my oldest nephew, my sister Maurie's oldest son. I had asked Adam to take off work for the occasion so I could attend without having to bring Addie with me. Plus the fact that graduation didn't start til 8pm  -- it would've been way past her bedtime! Thankfully he was able to request off! 

He's going to Texas A&M and joining the corp of cadets. I won't hold it against him.... but Hook em!! ;)

Melissa had a lot of fun decorating his party table. We had a small party before graduation because Project Graduation was immediately after. So dinner at 5pm - no problem! Can you guess what his school colors are? 

Aunt Missy and the high school grad after the ceremony
Raychel and one of her bffs, Kacy.

Jacob with his mom!

Jacob with my parents.

The face Jacob makes when getting advice from his grandmother. LOL

My sister Maurie and her family at the graduation reception

Raychel playing photographer