Monday, May 13, 2013

May Madness

May has been crazy!! 

Melissa and I took the kids out for burgers the first Friday in May.

We stopped by Carters afterwards and bought Addie some cool new sunshades! She calls glasses 'garros'. Who knows why. But she was excited to have her own pair of garros. Do you think she wore her garros when she had a prescription pair? Of course not.

We hit JoAnn's up afterwards for some party supplies for Addie's upcoming birthday. She managed to grab a tube of white acrylic paint and get it open. Naturally!

The next morning I woke up sick. So sick. I think it was food poisoning or maybe the norovirus but I was down for the count. Thankfully Melissa was able to come over and help with the kids and then Adam was off the next two days. I was down. For like a week. It was horrible! And when Momma is down, no pictures are taken! So May is a little light on the pictures. 

Eye follow up with Dr. R on May 10th. She is happy that we have confirmed the sixth nerve palsy diagnosis but now that the Botox is wearing off we are starting to see the eye start to cross back in. And it is turning up some now too. So we have added a new diagnosis of fourth nerve palsy on top of the sixth nerve palsy. Awesome. We are going to try chemical patching for three more months than most likely looking at surgery in the late summer, early fall. Dr. R did say that because the Botox did work partially, the procedure should be a lot easier. She can go in and tighten the muscles instead of removing, cutting, and reattaching them.  

While we waited for Dr. R to come in, Jack helped Addie put her shoe back on all on his own. Be still my heart, Prince Charming!

Later that afternoon, Melissa, Jack, Addie and I went in search of more birthday party supplies. JoAnn's didn't have what I was after.  Addie walked into Hobby Lobby like a big girl. (Are you seeing a craft store trend here? ) After the paint issue at JoAnn's we are trying to let her ride in the cart more and the stroller less. Less things within arms reach.  So she is walking into places more now. Such a big girl!

Jack woke up sick the next morning. Stomach bug. It was weeks after mine so I really don't know if it was the same thing or not. He was curled up on the couch watching cartoons and Addie crawled up with him and snuggled. I love the bond I see growing between these two!

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