Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jack graduates Pre-K!

Jack's last day of pre-k came the day after Addie's birthday. So it was a busy week. Cliche but true -- it really does seem like yesterday we were taking his first day of pre-k pictures. Wow. What a crazy fast year this has been. 

Traditional front door pic!

He had speech that morning, so we were walking in by ourselves.  Photo op!

Jack and his sweet teacher Ms. Lauren!

Meanwhile, Grayson had hit his hand at his dad's house and complained of it hurting. So his dad took him into urgent care and while the urgent care doc did not think it was broken, the radiologist called the next morning and said oh nope, it is broken. So we had to follow up with an ortho surgeon. After I had to bite my lip to keep a straight face when he told me his pinkies weren't broken, they were crooked because of a hereditary condition called Clinodactyly. I stopped him mid sentence and was like um we know he has crooked pinkies. His dad does too. That's not why we are here. So upon further investigation, he said oh yeah... here's a little break right there. :)  Thankfully it's not bad enough for a cast. Just an OT splint guard to protect it from more damage while it's healing.
My three babies all ready for Jack's graduation.

Stopping to check out the grass. (And this folks is why toddler size dresses still need to come with diaper covers!)

Officially graduated from Pre-K! Congrats Jackson!! We are so proud of you!

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