Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy birthday Addie Lea!

Our baby girl is TWO!!!! I can't believe it! What a fast and crazy ride it has been these past two years! Addie completes our family in just the way we needed and didn't even know it!! Here's to many more years baby girl! Love you THIS much!! 

At 8:30am, Addie turned two officially. So I had to snap a shot of what she was doing right at that moment. And inspired by the 12 on 12 pic trend, I decided to take a picture of her on every hour on the half hour of her throughout the day to document her 2nd birthday! It was such a fun project and I enen got Adam on board when I was running errands and she stayed at home with him. 
What she was doing the minute she turned 2. Saying good morning to Katy and Chuy and holding my iPad. Pretty much her three favorite things in the world. Pretty great way to turn 2!
Calling "MeMaw"
Mom snuggles after breakfast
Upset she couldn't get in the "bathtub" with Jack. Meltdowns mean ready for nap!
Nap time! Typical Addie sleep position.
Helping Daddy make her birthday cupcakes. She had to taste test and approve the frosting.
Hanging out with Daddy while Mom took Jack to his graduation practice and while Mom got a much needed hair cut!
3:30pm MeMaw arrived!! Walking outside to greet her!
Looking at Mom's Project Life album with MeMaw
Emptying the contents of Aunt Missy's purse
Getting dressed for her party
Birthday cupcake covered!
One last MeMaw snuggle before bed time! 12 hours of birthday fun!

My sweet two year old!!! 

Silly girl - ready to eat dinner!

Pretty fire!!  She was mesmerized.

Getting down to cupcake eating business!

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