Friday, February 8, 2013

Eye Yi Yi

Addison had her ophthalmology follow up on Feb 5th. It took Dr. R about two looks at her to decide Botox is our next best option. We've been going back and forth about the Sixth Nerve Palsy (read more here) diagnosis and it seems that we have officially settled on it. There was some debate about whether this was a new development (which would mean she was currently under pressure intercranially speaking - which her neurosurgeon and optic nerve exam showed were not the case) or if this was some how hiding behind all her other eye issues. I had thought it was the later and Dr. R agrees. Basically, it's impossible to tell an eye can't turn out past midline if it's always turned in. So now that we have improved Addie's right eye enough to not turn in all the time, we can tell that she can't turn it out. Which makes it look like her left eye is turning in, when in fact it's her right eye that can't turn out to keep them aligned. 
The eye diagnosis is a challenging one and takes time. I feel pretty good that we have a plan in place. Addie is scheduled for Botox injections into her right eye on March 14th. We will be doing this at Children's -- no outpatient facility for us! However, it should be a fairly short procedure. She will be under general anesthesia gas but shouldn't need to be intubated or have an IV placed. Both good things! 

Waiting for Dr. R. Addie was determined to get her backpack out from underneath her stroller.

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