Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January is nearly over... already?!

It's gone by so quickly! I feel like I'm always saying how fast time is going but seriously it's just zooming by! We are 3 days away from February?! CRAZY! 

Here are a few snapshots to cover the month of happenings in our household! 

We are continuing to work on eating with utensils. Addie likes to eat with a fork if you load it for her. So we take turns at  the dinner time stabbing her food for her so she can eat. She has a healthy appetite and eats pretty much anything we put in front of her. The only food I've seen her spit back out is onions but who can blame her!?

A sweet pic of Jack and Addie. Boy do they favor!

Working on hand to mouth coordination with a little incentive of a Popsicle. I'm  beginning to think Addie isn't as sensitive to temperatures as most people. She held that thing in her hand until it was all gone and not by the stick! Her little fingers were pruny when she was done. 

A walk to the mailbox in our crazy Texas Winter (ha!) weather.

We spent the better part of a Saturday afternoon getting Addie some tennis shoes to wear with her foot brace. We managed to squeeze her brace into the same size shoes she's wearing on the other foot so we've eliminated the issue of having a shoe 2 sizes larger on her braced foot which would make dragging more likely. And now we (we meaning her PT and I) still aren't sure if the brace is helping. Stay tuned! It seems most of her issues are in her left (weak side) hip. So we are wrapping her in tape and an ace bandage to try to encourage her to bring her hip forward instead of leaving it behind her when she walks. 

A fun movie night was had not too long ago. We all watched Clue and the kids devoured some white cheddar popcorn on the floor together. 

I finally broke down and gave Addie a hair trim. It was time. Her curls covered up a lot of the crazy length but it was getting out of hand. 

After her trim! I just did her bangs and a little of the length off the back. She held still for me as long as she got to hold the baby monitor. 

Adam turned 35 on the 17th and Jack was excited to help me make his birthday dinner and dessert. He's a wanna be chef right now. Takes after his daddy. 

Mom came in for the weekend of the boys birthday. We celebrated with blueberry pancakes and a party for both boys!

Addie insisted on having the jug o' syrup on her high chair tray. 

The boys ready to party!

They wanted a Halo cake! And from the sounds of it they had a great time helping Aunt Missy make it while Adam and I snuck away for a much needed date night. 

Addie spent most of the evening after the party sticking her footsie in the ice chest! 

My 10 year old baby boy!!! So proud of this kid!! And thankful to him for making me a mom! 

Our sweet Jack is 5!! I know how cliche it sounds but it really does feel like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. So blessed to have these boys in our family!! And how cool is it that they will always share such a special thing as having the same birthday?! 

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  1. Sounds like a great January! Addie looks so grown up in her skinny jeans! So cute!