Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Arrival of August

And just that like summer is winding down. We have three full weeks of summer vacation left and then we will hit the ground running. It's going to be a whole new experience for our family this upcoming school year as both boys are going to be enrolled at the same school!! I sat down today and typed out our ideal routine for school days. I shall post it on our fridge and enjoy trying to stick with it for ohhhh about two weeks! Anything else beyond that will be a miracle.

Our summer has been a great one! We have managed to take the kids swimming several times, gone on vacation to Atlanta to visit family and friends and see a Braves game, made a day trip to get some yummy BBQ, and made several trips to the local outlet malls in search of school clothes times two this year!  Adam and I even snuck away for an overnight date night a few weeks ago, thanks to Aunt Missy, who watched the kids. 

Addie's first time swimming this summer! She loved it! June 7, 2013

Our family of five at Turner Field in Atlanta, GA June 29, 2013

All 8 of us!! Chapman Family outside of Marietta Diner June 30, 2013

Addie ready for the Outlet Malls on the Fourth of July!

We had to take a trip to UT campus to get a copy of my transcript for my graduate school application. Had to take some pictures while we were there!! Hook em!
 July 12, 2013

Getting our BBQ on at Louie Miller's BBQ in Taylor. It was gooood!! July 23, 2013 

Medically speaking,  Addison is doing awesome!! She saw Dr. George, her neurosurgeon, on June 7th after having her fast aquisition MRI on the 6th. She got a great report. Scans are normal for her and we don't have to go back to see him for a FULL YEAR!!!! Amazing!! We are so excited and thankful! A tad surreal to go that long without seeing him but we are thrilled that Addie's able to go so long without an MRI. Of course, like always with hydrocephalus, things can change on a dime and we will continue to watch for any signs or symptoms of shunt failure. 

In other medical news, we have recently started clinical PT again, this time at Dell Children's Rehab Clinic and we LOVE it. Well, I love it! Addie isn't a fan of the work. Her physiatrist wanted her to work up to a Walk Aide device ( more info here ) to help strengthen her left leg when she walks to improve her gait. Her new PT has tried it on her five minutes here or there and Addie isn't a fan. But the fact that Dell just has one sitting around on a shelf to try is pretty impressive! I miss all our ECI therapists but really feel like this is going to be a great thing for Addie's physical development. We drive down one morning a week and it's an easy drive, free parking, etc. Awesome! It will be even easier once the boys are both in school. Thankfully Aunt Missy and Mom have been around on and off to watch the boys so they haven't had to come hang out for the hour too many times.

Addie saw her eye doc this past week and Dr. R wants to try Botox again. She feels we saw a marked permanent improvement with the first treatment and that it warrants trying again before we move on to surgery. So we have that set up for September.

Addie waiting to go back to see Dr. R. July 31, 2013

Speaking of September, she has her next follow up with her neurologist in September and then of course we will be following up with ophthalmology to watch her eyes after the second round of Botox. She'll have a 30 month well check sometime in November and a follow up with her physiatrist in October. That should round out all the medical appointments for the year. It will be weird not seeing her neurosurgeon in November... but pretty awesome too!!

In non medical upcoming events -- we have a Disney trip planned in November which we are really looking forward to!! A family reunion the week before we leave for Disney, and a trip to Albuquerque in December. Busy busy!! And then as soon as the New Year rolls around I will be going back to school!! It was a big decision for our family but I am ready and I think it's going to be a good thing for all of us. I will be (hopefully) taking two night classes a week, working toward my Elementary Education Masters and Initial Certification. I have already applied and been accepted. I'm just a little excited!! The goal is to be able to student teach the Spring of Addie's kindergarten year. Which is insane to think about. I have the luxury of time since I'm not wanting to go back to work before she's in school full time. So this program will work out and this way I only have to take two classes a semester.

Our back to school list is almost done. We are working on moving the boys rooms around so that's what out next three weeks will be filled with. Paint, school supplies and catching up on Project Life to get ready for all the back to school pics. Then it'll be time for kindergarten orientation and meet the teacher for Grayson. Already. Where does the time go??

August 27th here we come!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jacob's graduation

The last weekend in May, we headed to Llano so we could attend Jacob's high school graduation! Jacob is my oldest nephew, my sister Maurie's oldest son. I had asked Adam to take off work for the occasion so I could attend without having to bring Addie with me. Plus the fact that graduation didn't start til 8pm  -- it would've been way past her bedtime! Thankfully he was able to request off! 

He's going to Texas A&M and joining the corp of cadets. I won't hold it against him.... but Hook em!! ;)

Melissa had a lot of fun decorating his party table. We had a small party before graduation because Project Graduation was immediately after. So dinner at 5pm - no problem! Can you guess what his school colors are? 

Aunt Missy and the high school grad after the ceremony
Raychel and one of her bffs, Kacy.

Jacob with his mom!

Jacob with my parents.

The face Jacob makes when getting advice from his grandmother. LOL

My sister Maurie and her family at the graduation reception

Raychel playing photographer

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

We had such a great Memorial Day! Adam was off work and Grayson was home. 
The boys and Adam played football in the backyard while Adam grilles burgers. Addie had fun watching the boys through the sliding glass door. 

Our spread.

Katy waiting patiently for Addie to drop some food! 

Big burger for a big boy !

Sad that we wouldn't let him have more ranch dressing for his carrots.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jack graduates Pre-K!

Jack's last day of pre-k came the day after Addie's birthday. So it was a busy week. Cliche but true -- it really does seem like yesterday we were taking his first day of pre-k pictures. Wow. What a crazy fast year this has been. 

Traditional front door pic!

He had speech that morning, so we were walking in by ourselves.  Photo op!

Jack and his sweet teacher Ms. Lauren!

Meanwhile, Grayson had hit his hand at his dad's house and complained of it hurting. So his dad took him into urgent care and while the urgent care doc did not think it was broken, the radiologist called the next morning and said oh nope, it is broken. So we had to follow up with an ortho surgeon. After I had to bite my lip to keep a straight face when he told me his pinkies weren't broken, they were crooked because of a hereditary condition called Clinodactyly. I stopped him mid sentence and was like um we know he has crooked pinkies. His dad does too. That's not why we are here. So upon further investigation, he said oh yeah... here's a little break right there. :)  Thankfully it's not bad enough for a cast. Just an OT splint guard to protect it from more damage while it's healing.
My three babies all ready for Jack's graduation.

Stopping to check out the grass. (And this folks is why toddler size dresses still need to come with diaper covers!)

Officially graduated from Pre-K! Congrats Jackson!! We are so proud of you!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy birthday Addie Lea!

Our baby girl is TWO!!!! I can't believe it! What a fast and crazy ride it has been these past two years! Addie completes our family in just the way we needed and didn't even know it!! Here's to many more years baby girl! Love you THIS much!! 

At 8:30am, Addie turned two officially. So I had to snap a shot of what she was doing right at that moment. And inspired by the 12 on 12 pic trend, I decided to take a picture of her on every hour on the half hour of her throughout the day to document her 2nd birthday! It was such a fun project and I enen got Adam on board when I was running errands and she stayed at home with him. 
What she was doing the minute she turned 2. Saying good morning to Katy and Chuy and holding my iPad. Pretty much her three favorite things in the world. Pretty great way to turn 2!
Calling "MeMaw"
Mom snuggles after breakfast
Upset she couldn't get in the "bathtub" with Jack. Meltdowns mean ready for nap!
Nap time! Typical Addie sleep position.
Helping Daddy make her birthday cupcakes. She had to taste test and approve the frosting.
Hanging out with Daddy while Mom took Jack to his graduation practice and while Mom got a much needed hair cut!
3:30pm MeMaw arrived!! Walking outside to greet her!
Looking at Mom's Project Life album with MeMaw
Emptying the contents of Aunt Missy's purse
Getting dressed for her party
Birthday cupcake covered!
One last MeMaw snuggle before bed time! 12 hours of birthday fun!

My sweet two year old!!! 

Silly girl - ready to eat dinner!

Pretty fire!!  She was mesmerized.

Getting down to cupcake eating business!

Monday, May 13, 2013

May Madness

May has been crazy!! 

Melissa and I took the kids out for burgers the first Friday in May.

We stopped by Carters afterwards and bought Addie some cool new sunshades! She calls glasses 'garros'. Who knows why. But she was excited to have her own pair of garros. Do you think she wore her garros when she had a prescription pair? Of course not.

We hit JoAnn's up afterwards for some party supplies for Addie's upcoming birthday. She managed to grab a tube of white acrylic paint and get it open. Naturally!

The next morning I woke up sick. So sick. I think it was food poisoning or maybe the norovirus but I was down for the count. Thankfully Melissa was able to come over and help with the kids and then Adam was off the next two days. I was down. For like a week. It was horrible! And when Momma is down, no pictures are taken! So May is a little light on the pictures. 

Eye follow up with Dr. R on May 10th. She is happy that we have confirmed the sixth nerve palsy diagnosis but now that the Botox is wearing off we are starting to see the eye start to cross back in. And it is turning up some now too. So we have added a new diagnosis of fourth nerve palsy on top of the sixth nerve palsy. Awesome. We are going to try chemical patching for three more months than most likely looking at surgery in the late summer, early fall. Dr. R did say that because the Botox did work partially, the procedure should be a lot easier. She can go in and tighten the muscles instead of removing, cutting, and reattaching them.  

While we waited for Dr. R to come in, Jack helped Addie put her shoe back on all on his own. Be still my heart, Prince Charming!

Later that afternoon, Melissa, Jack, Addie and I went in search of more birthday party supplies. JoAnn's didn't have what I was after.  Addie walked into Hobby Lobby like a big girl. (Are you seeing a craft store trend here? ) After the paint issue at JoAnn's we are trying to let her ride in the cart more and the stroller less. Less things within arms reach.  So she is walking into places more now. Such a big girl!

Jack woke up sick the next morning. Stomach bug. It was weeks after mine so I really don't know if it was the same thing or not. He was curled up on the couch watching cartoons and Addie crawled up with him and snuggled. I love the bond I see growing between these two!