Friday, October 26, 2012

Disney Trip- Flying home

Our last morning was a little rushed. We had to be on the bus to the airport by 9:30am and we wanted to let Addie sleep in as long as we could after her seizure ordeal, so we were packing up in a rush. We had packed up as much as we could the night before but there's inevitably little things here and there you can't pack til the last minute. We made our luggage call and sent out luggage away with the sky caps they have on site at the hotel, which was awesome. Cus we really didn't want to schlep all our suitcases on the bus and through the airport.

We stopped off for a few last pictures - the boys were especially excited to check out the Cars building. One thing we didn't have time to do this trip was explore the other areas of the resort. So we took a quick look around the Cars section on our way to the bus.

Addie in her University of Texas inspired dress - made by Aunt Missy - on the way to the bus. 

Grayson got a new hat with his souvenir money from Memaw. He looks so old in this picture!

Jack and Jackie waiting for the bus.

A photo tradition for us is to always take a picture in front of this fountain in the airport right before we go through security to leave. 

Addie squeaked around the airport in her Wee Squeaks. She enjoyed looking out the big windows.

On our layover in Houston, we ate at Pappas Burgers and Jack ordered a hot dog. It was as big as he is!

The ride home was bittersweet. Our vacation had been both magical and terrifying. I admit to holding my breath the whole way home. Flying on an airplane with a child that just had her first ever seizure was scary. Thank God we got home safely and Addie didn't have a seizure the whole day. 

We arrived home and went our separate ways. It was good to be home. 

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