Monday, October 22, 2012

Disney Trip - DHS Day

After our wonderful night spending together as a family, eating at 'Ohana and watching football back at the room, we decided we would try to go into the park for just part of the day. It was still hot, but we had a game plan. We let Addie sleep in as long as she could and then we would head straight from the room to the bus to our lunch reservation, walking along the shops to keep Addie in the A/C.  After lunch, we rode a few rides, taking our time so we could walk inside more than outside. We bought Addie a mister fan and made sure she was drinking all the time. We had a plan and we were all watching her like a hawk!

One last park bus line

The boys got tired of me taking pictures but I felt like I had to make up for lost time since it was our last day

Waiting for our name to be called at 50s Prime Time Cafe 

A photo op with the Incredibles

Posing in front of the Roger Rabbit Car

Addie and I sitting on the Roger Rabbit car- I have several pictures of me sitting on this car over the years.

We rode a few rides but saved the best for last... Tower of Terror

This was Jack's first time on this ride.... he was shaking the entire time and then when he got off said it was the best ride ever!

One last shot of our family of five as we were leaving the park for the last time 

On the bus on the way back to the room. The thing we noticed that was affected the most by Addie's seizure was her eye alignment. You can really see it in this picture.

After we got back to the room we decided to get a big pizza from the food court and go back to the room and watch Monday night football! Addie escaped out the hotel room door and was walking up and down the hallway.

We watched football, ate pizza and started the packing up process. We had a 9am appt with bell services to catch our bus back to the airport. We turned in early and let Addie sleep as much as she could because she had to be up in time to make the plane!

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